Lively Spirit

The soul of Aniro Barcelona Company is Anna Rovira, a ceramist and pattern designer who merges both disciplines and, making use of creative rationality, designs functional and unique pieces that give shape to the brand.

Personal happenings, passionate experiences and childhood memories inspire the Aniro’s world that the author wants to transmit, to give personality to each piece that she creates.


Aniro’s Philosophy

A brand that is imbued with the Slow philosophy. Aniro takes control of time in every stage of the design process, as well as the creation and production, and uses the required time to get the best results, looking for a balance between the technologies that take part in the processes and the handmade spirit.

Beyond the Products

Aniro also creates unique pieces that urge to contain feelings. Every single piece is not finished until someone choose it to begin a story, and it is for this reason that we try to work with the most delicateness and always taking care of even the smallest details, in the whole process of creation of each piece.

Designed and made in Barcelona, Aniro’s products look for proximity and that is why we work every day to improve and conceive new models thinking about timelessness of pieces, because the passing of time increases its value.


Our Workshop

Aniro has its own studio/workshop to make all prototypes, where a unique and exquisite environment takes place. A shelter to get away from reality and immerse oneself in a universe that reflects the essence of the brand.

Creative Process

Aniro creates from zero all its pieces, which have a long path from pattern designing, combination and fusion of materials, the palette of colours, the texture of pieces and the making process of porcelain, with our own formulas of glaze, that is later baked at 1260ºC.

Hands are our essential tool and imagination is the engine that moves everything. All processes of production look for balance between these two concepts, which are the base of Aniro’s philosophy. Handmade works leave an existential mark on everything we make.


Raw Materials

We pay special attention to the research of shape and material, always in a balanced way and using appropriate materials, which are first class fine materials, unique and functional for each piece: leather, wood, Limoges porcelain and other materials, selected in order that each of them gives shape to time’s inherent pieces.

The prototype of silver comes from a creator’s unique design, made in the workshop itself, and each piece is produced in local workshops that work respecting the standards regulated by the European banning law regarding the use of nickel and lead.